Don’t you worry #poetry #poemlove #poemsnotdead #lovebleeds

original (1) smriti

Don’t you worry my baby

She won’t feel stressed 

She won’t be depressed

She no longer wants to be addressed

Be it by you or anyone else


Don’t you dare 

Show your care

Which is all fake

Though, you’ll only be 

  termed as her forever heartache


Cause you know what

You were her sin,

The science never taught


You broke her wall and build her hope 

And now that you’ve substituted her 

Every day and night seems to blur


But this is all in

Deep down her heart

She won’t ever choose to spill it out

She’ll wear make-up as her happy mask


She doesn’t need your trauma anymore


She won’t be able to delete those memories of your

This…. Is a heart and brain’s war

The strongest will win someday

But don’t you bother. Just go away……….

My soulful Grandpa. #poetry #poemslove



An ideal grandpa loves control and needs attention

Mine chose to sing, say stories & reduce people’s tension

Always smiling and lecturing  to the world he was

Questioning the knowledge & explaining new laws

Discipline that controlled the whole tendering house

“Will he ever get old ?” Each time the question arouse 

For me the answer was NO

But the world doesn’t permit SO

He was a virtuoso with his feet on the ground.

Never felt wealthy never was too proud

Saw all his wealth in the eyes of his wife

In keeping his country safe and happy he donated his life

Why didn’t this legend last for eternity ?

They don’t harm your earth God, they only spread harmony

I guess this is the reason you took him along

I do believe in you & your decision won’t ever go wrong

I plead you to keep him safe and peaceful

He is not with us but his beautiful memories always keeps me blissful

If you have him by your side now,

can you do a favour to me

Please tell him the world he left behind has now become all wretched & gloomy

But his memories are and will be alive in my eyes

A person with a pure soul for me never dies.


I sense you in poems. #poems #creativewriting poetry

I’m losing it all

After that rainfall

The sun soaked my river

But I still shiver

When your name

Tickles my earlobe

When I peek at your hoodie

hanging alone in my wardrobe

Holding the hanger’s edge,

that’s all

With no efforts,

ought to fall

When I sip the coffee

that nevertastes like the one you’d make

I cry to my heart to bury your thoughts

for God’s sake

I don’t sense your presence

Unless I write a poem

with flavor of your

complete essence.

“The couple difference” #poetry #poem

I believe it might be difficult to dance

On pop-rock when all you know is blue’s and jazz

What I mean is there are hundreds of things in this universe

Everything I love can either give you happiness or disgust

Oops. So easily did I say these lines

But, aren’t as good as your tasty red wines

It’s that gigantic glass of nasty drink; bitter or best

Which you gotta take sip by sip until you digest

By which I mean.

Humans wildly dream

of sky-diving or hiking

But when engaged,

Your partner won’t be as

excited as you for your dream to be their’s

Great, if they are similar

But don’t frown building a pillar

When found their favourite pass time is to be home, watch movies; horrifying and thriller

Give them their space

to let it sink in at their pace

Silently edit your “not-to-do” list

And do the same with theirs

Take them with you if their love & courage allows

Make sure to hold their hand tight while jumping

your treat will for sure be the butterflies, view and heart thumping

But don’t miss out their raised eyebrows.

Now, Spend a weekend watching their favourite horror movie

Even if you’re beneath the blanket or have half opened eyes

By the end, you will surely find it groovy

Cause you’ll have the safest arms keeping all around you nice.

By this I mean,

Caress smoothly to all the moments where you connect with them

Don’t nod at your differences rather hold your smile until you’re accept by them.

My friend !

Today I heard from my friend after a long time
Tales kept flowing for the whole time
When we normally meet
it’s a one way speech
Like my ears, designed only for his tales to fit in
Like that favourite poetry, that rhyming
Vague emotions that I fail to explain
He expresses so easily
I fear he has a camera in my brain
His voice varies
The tales may too
But the friend, he is the same
But the emotion, it is the same
Sometimes it comes from arijit
And sometimes jagjit
Even Beyonce gives me goosebump
Hailey Steinfeld’s “capital letters”
Makes my heart wanna jump
Halsey’s voice feels like my lost one
Without sunidhi’s voice every work’s undone
The meaning that it showers to my life
Is what I have been missing all this while
It’s a hard choice
Between those soulful voice
All so beautiful

I have a list in my phone
To choose from
A list of songs
That speak to me
About various stories
That I get lost into
That I Relate through
It teaches me to feel
Without any efforts
it does heal
And everyone deserves
A friend like thee is

Feminist goal.

Dream for people define passion

Passion to achieve their goals

Goals through developing, reaching at the peak

Unlike the little girl I met sneaking from behind the brick

Who had built up a dream

That referred -“development of men” mistakenly considered supreme

She demanded a change

A proud perspective range

Not by crying for it

But earning & proving that shit

By hammering the thought of a women’s strength

Excluding the ritual of judging them by their cloth’s length

Let the lipstick be purple, maroon or black

We are not entitled to be your midnight snack

The hair wildly open talking to air

Is not the indication for you to take her somewhere

She is a wanderer of her soul

Soul hunting for peace or some rock n roll

The ladies back in old days often kept quiet

Cause they believed that silence will one day make your eyes

Tired of scrutinizing things that are already right

But now do no expect silence

Neither expect scream

Cause our strength is not our voice

But running the cycle of the world realm

You want the cycle moving or still that is your choice.

Untouched Dreams


When you dream

make sure that

they are louder than any howl or scream

Cause mine was quiet or maybe asleep

I had caged it’s brazen speech that never soften

I talked to my fears very often

for they were naked and awfully finesse,

unlike my dreams shyly dressed.

They say there’s a corner in every heart

Mine is bigger than a corner somewhat

It’s an abyss

hiding the memories

of that day that cries.

Or it’s of a life that I’ve spent diagnosed ?

rather naming it a painful dose

I mistake it as a day’s mess;

when i was asked to step back in that choir group, did

when I was bribed with a job at Multinational group, accepted it

when my lead singing opportunity was murdered by my best friend’s envy, smiled

I still remember the keyboard I played hurt itself by breaking it’s keys

when i couldn’t pay the music class’s fees

How on earth after this could I be audacious

to dream of a stage where I sung

with my voice’ death under the voice unconscious,

all by it’s own self-esteem being stung.












Crawling into the routine

I find myself only rushing

Until I see an artwork

Artwork sculpted by the God

The route slowed down

Smile replaced my frown

Feathers gifted me hope

For which I would every morning grope

My treasure map betrayed me, I believe

The route often felt like an enemy, I grieve

Its texture didn’t feel like ephemerality

Rather my eyes felt soothing in a world with namesake humanity

The perfect blend of colours

Blue, orange, yellow to the feathers

Red to the peak

Wonder what language would it speak

I now know the pleasure

Of being engaged with the nature

Nature does help to nurture qualities in humans

With animal,




prove to be all worthy creations

It not just kindles the cause of your living

But let’s you find the pursuance you’ve been seeking.

It’s not a crime

People vacant my life every summer
Nobody did care nor did they bother
What was happening to my eyes which looked like they never slept
What was the secret that my smile always kept
I could never see concern in any eyes
Only I could feel was little white lies
I always went quiet
I would never fight
The fear of loosing my people never died down
The proud of having them was similar to owning a crown
Soon did I realise I was being mistaken
The abrupt thought of self-respect kept me shaken
It’s now the time to draw a line
It’s my time to brightly shine
The people whom I devoted myself were never worth my time
But trusting people from heart and making memories
is not a crime.